How to enable Secure Client Logging

1. Open the Print Audit Secure Client Config
  • Start -> All Programs -> Print Audit Secure -> Secure Client Config
2. Stop the service
3. Set the Logging type to Full
4. Click Save
5. Start the service
6. Click the Test URL button to ensure it is successfully contacting the Secure server
7. In the system tray locate the icon for the Secure Notifier, right click on the icon and select Exit from the context menu
8. Restart the Secure Notifier.
9. Recreate the issue.
10. Go to the following locations and collect all of the .log files found there:
  • C:\ProgramData\Print Audit Inc\Print Audit Secure\Logs
  • C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Print Audit Inc\Print Audit Secure\Logs  (Replace [USERNAME] with the user who is running the client)
    11. Zip all the logs into a single zip file, attach that file to an email sent to Technical Support. 
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