How to uninstall Print Audit Secure using msiexec.exe

How to uninstall Print Audit Secure from the command line, using msiexec.exe.

1. Open a Command Prompt
2. To uninstall Secure Server type:
  • MsiExec.exe /X{891B2B9C-8239-4F8D-9992-3290B27E805A}
3. To uninstall the Secure Client type:
  • MsiExec.exe /X{03882A71-DE8C-45FF-B250-2E22DF18A579}
4. A reboot after uninstall is recommended.

These product keys will not work for PCS Secure Client or Server as they have different keys.

Troubleshooting Information

If the MSI Exec command indicates that a previous version is installed or failed please ensure the following:

User has Administrative privileges on the system (Required to make registry changes)
Print Audit Services and processes are not running (Requires the Print Audit 6 Entry to be removed from msconfig startup list; Client Helper service should be disabled as well through services.msc)

Command prompt has been run as an administrative user (May be required in OS's with UAC enabled; Right click on cmd.exe and click "Run as Administrator"
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