Secure Webrelease Fails

Reported Issue: After successfully securing jobs to the server and attempting webrelease the operation fails with a "file already Exists" type error.

Symptoms: Secure is configured to Compress Print Data (default). The Windows Temporary Directory contains more then 65535 files.

Solution: The GetTempFileName function used for creating compressed temporary files within the Windows Temp directory can only handle up to 65535 files. There are two solutions for this:

1. Disable the Compress Print Data configuration option in Secure under Setup -> Configuration -> Secure Settings
**Note: There is a 2 GB limit on Print jobs. If compression is removed only up to a 2 GB file can be secured. This can also cause slowdowns in release as a larger amount of data is being sent over the network.

2. Remove the Temporary files from the directory.
**Note: Under Secure Server Version 1.1.0 compressed temporary files are not removed from the directory after release.

The following commands can be employed to create a BAT file for scheduled removal of Temporary Files:
cd %systemroot%\Temp
del *.tmp /Q > %Temp%\TemporaryFileCleanUp.log
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