The signature of <file name> is corrupt or invalid - Internet Explorer or Edge Web Browsers

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Please note that this example is from downloading the ICE software from the Infinite Device Management server. However, this error can occur for executables downloaded from Software Updates as well.

As of January 1st of this year, Microsoft has changed its policy and will no longer give automatic trust to software signed with SHA-1 code signing certificates.  We are in the process of providing multiple copies of code to run under SHA-1 or SHA-2 Windows operating systems.  These warnings will usually appear in later versions of Internet Explorer or with the Microsoft Edge web browser.

In the meantime, there are two workarounds for this issue:

  1. If you receive this error from your web browser when downloading an executable file from either Infinite Device Management or from, the file can still be run/saved by:
  • Click on the "View downloads" button.
  • Right click on the executable file name and select "Run Anyway".
2. Use a different browser to download the file.  Chrome and Firefox do not give this error message.
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