UNC paths with Print Audit Secure

UNC path is one of the properties of a secure print queue, it's not a required property, because not all printers are shared.  

However, if a print queue is shared, and a client computer maps that queue off the share, it will provide the associated UNC to the Secure client.  If the UNC supplied by the client does not correspond to that set on the queue definition in Print Audit Secure Server, then the job will not be secured, instead being rendered directly. The opposite however is not the case, if the Secure client does not provide a UNC for the queue, and one is defined in Secure Server, the UNC will not be considered when matching the queues to determine if the job should be secured.

So defining a UNC on a secure print queue is a 'safe' action, if the client doesn't submit a UNC, the UNC will not be considered when making a match, but if the client does submit a UNC, that UNC must match.

The upshot of this is if the same device is shared from two different computers, only one UNC can be defined in Secure, so the other UNC will not be secured.  This is also another option for creating secure and non-secured queues for the same physical device.
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