Drive Letter Conflict with Rapid Assessment Key

This is a common Windows Map Manager limitation resulting in drive letter conflict(s). In configurations where the network drive letter(s) follow physical drives, Windows may assign a drive letter to the RAKv2 drive though it may already be assigned to a network share. To resolve this, follow the instructions below to manually change the drive letter of the RAKv2 Launcher partition.

    1. Go to Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Computer Management> Disk Management.
    2. Locate the drive letter (e.g. E:\) assigned to the RAK Launch pad and change it to one not being used.

Note: If the RAK Launcher still does not auto run:

    A. Unplug and reinsert the drive.
    B. You may have an incompatible version of Windows. The RAK Launch pad is not supported with Polish Windows XP or Hungarian Windows XP.
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