How to create a toner coverage report

In order to create a Toner Coverage report with the Print Audit Rapid Assessment Key, you will need to enter the “pages per cartridge” for each device that you want to report Toner Coverage on.  The Toner Manufacturer can usually provide this value.  Basically, this number is how many pages the toner cartridge should produce assuming an average of 5% toner coverage per page.

To enter this value, run the Rapid Assessment Key and select the site you wish to run the Toner Coverage report on.  Scroll to the right until you see a column “Pages Per Cartridge”.  Enter the expected pages per cartridge.

Note: You enter the same value for multiple devices using the mouse cursor and the Shift and Control key to select multiple devices and then going to “Edit - Edit Selected Devices…”

Once you have entered the pages per cartridge for the devices, you can run the Toner Coverage report by:

1. From the “Previous scan” drop down, select one of the scan dates to be included in the report.
2. Click on the “Create Report” button on the toolbar.
3. Select “Toner Coverage” from the Select a Report dialog box.
4. Select the scan date to be used for comparison from the “Compare to” drop down.
5. Click OK.

The Toner Coverage report will display the “Average Coverage” based on the expected yield of the cartridges and the change in the Mono/Color life counts between the two scan dates.
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