How to export and import RAKv2 scans


This document outlines how to export and import scans on the Rapid Assessment Key v2 (RAKv2). 
There are a few steps to complete this process as outlined in more detail below. Basically, you can copy the scans from the existing key onto a computer and then import the files onto the RAKv2 key.

Rapid Assessment Key File Transfer Steps:

Steps to export the files from RAKv2:

  1. Insert the RAKv2 into an available USB port on a computer.
  3. Select the site you want to export the scan files from under Select an existing site:, click Start
  4. On the File menu, click Export Scan
  5. You will see the Export Scan window.
  6. Beside Export format: select RAK v2 XML Format
  7. Beside Compare scan: select <None Selected>
  8. Click OK
  9. Select Where you would like to save the export

Steps to import the RAKv2 files into RAKv2:

  1. Insert and launch the RAKv2 key.
  2. Select an existing Site or create a new Site to import the files into.
  3. On the File menu, click Import Scan.
    Note: Scan files can be imported into one or more Sites. A site can be a physical location where you are performing a scan, a specific customer, or whatever makes sense for your business. Sites contain IP address range information and all scans performed at the site. This allows you to visit several different places with the RAKv2 and easily organize the information you gather.
  4. You will see the Import a Scan window. Change the Look In location to the location where you saved the exported scan files.
  5. Beside Files of type: select RAK v2 XML File (.xml)*
  6. Click the Open button to complete the import.
  7. Repeat steps 3 through 5 to import each file.

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