How to scan a specific set of devices with the Rapid Assessment Key

Steps to scan a specific set of devices:

  1. Launch the RAK (Rapid Assessment Key)
  2. Create a new site, or select the site you will be scanning
  3. Select the Start button
  4. Select the Discovery Scan button from the toolbar
  5. Select the Multiple Custom Ranges option
  6. Enter an IP address you are scanning from i.e.
  7. Enter the IP address you are scanning to i.e. or if you want to only scan a specific device rather than the network, enter its IP address again i.e.
  8. Select the Add button
  9. Repeat steps 6 through 7 if you are specifying individual devices to scan until you have listed them all
  10. When finished select the Scan button

The scan should complete only scanning the ranges you have specified.

You can also import a simple CSV (Comma Separated Values) file by selecting the Import Ranges button in the Discovery Scan window. The CSV file needs to be in this format:



Beginning the scan by selecting the Scan button after the import.

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