Rapid Assessment Key v2: Devices aren't being scanned

  • What is the scan range and is it valid?
    • The user has configured a scan range
      • The scan range will be listed under either ‘Custom Range’ or ‘Multiple Custom Ranges’ on the ‘Discovery Scan’ dialog
    • No scan range has been configured
      • The RAK will attempt to determine the proper scan range automatically. The ranges the RAK detected can be found under the 'Subnet Range' heading on the ‘Discovery Scan’ dialog.
  • Are the devices in the scan range SNMP capable?
    • The RAK scans SNMP version 1 or SNMP version 2 capable devices.
    • Check ScanErrors.log for clues as to what may be wrong.
  • Are the SNMP capable devices in the ‘public' community?
    • A community is like a password.
      • The community the RAK uses can be configured in the ‘Advanced’ area of the ‘Discovery Scan’ dialog.
      • The device's community can usually only be changed via the panel on the device.
  • Does the workstation running the RAK have a firewall?
    • Enable UDP port 161
    • Enable TCP port 443 (HTTPS)
  • Does the workstation have access to the subnet(s) that the user wants to scan?
    • The RAK can only scan subnet's to which it has access.
  • Can the device be pinged from the workstation?
    • No
      • Has the IP of the device changed?
        • There are connectivity issues the clients IT staff will have to resolve.
  • Is the device connected to a Fiery print controller?
    • Yes
      • We are working with EFI (makers of Fiery) , but at present do not support Fiery.
  • Is the device connected to a print server (Ie. HP JetDirect)?
    • Yes
      • The RAK is not compatible with print servers of any kind. This is
        because there could be any number of different printers behind the
        print server. The RAK has no way of knowing this and no way to ask for the
        counters for each of the X printers behind the print server.
  • Does the current user belong to the ‘Administrators’ group in Windows?
    • In some cases, the RAK will only scan if the user is running as an Administrator.

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