What are Universal Drivers and how do they affect the RAK key?

What are Universal Drivers and how do they affect Print Audit tracking and reporting?

Universal (sometimes called Global or driverless printing) print drivers are device drivers that speak universally to different printers by replacing the native drivers. They communicate with the physical printer through PCL 5, PCL 6 or Post Script directly.

They are used primarily for:

  1. replacing older print drivers that may be obsolete or unavailable.
  2. simplifying printer administration by using a single print "driver to talk to a number of different printers.
The same feature of universal drivers that makes them useful also is a disadvantage. They hide the physical characteristics of a printer from the end user including properties such as Color/Mono or Duplexing.

The Print Audit Client software gathers some of these details directly from the print driver. A universal driver will hide details such the make and manufacturer from the Client. It may also cause Print Audit to incorrectly report color or duplexed print jobs.

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