Access to Knowledge Base Articles for Print Audit Products

At the end of first quarter 2021, this knowledge base will no longer be available.  What does this mean?

The following products have been migrated over to ECi's Customer Support Portal:

  1. User Management including all Embedded solutions for User Management.
  2. Infinite Device Management including the Information Collection Engine.
  3. Rapid Assessment Key (RAK)
Installation/Configuration manuals, security/technical overviews, FAQ's and general knowledge base articles are available through the ECi Customer Support Portal.

The following products are considered at end of life and articles will not be carried over to the ECi Customer Support Portal:

  1. Print Audit 6
  2. Print Audit Secure
  3. Embedded for Print Audit 6
  4. Copy Audit Touch
  5. Copy Audit Numeric
For more information on end of life support, please reference this article.

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